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Cut Your Electrical Bill by up to 20%

Solar Power Commercial System

Cut You Electrical Bill By 20%

Many businesses today are going solar as a way to reduce energy expenses and take part with a growing number of enterprises committed to protecting the environment. The abundance of state and federal incentives available for businesses going solar can effectively reduce the cost of a system by more than half. We offer custom Commercial Solar Electric systems.

Also available is our SOLARIZE program for Commercial Users which allows businesses to choose all the benefits of solar with NO Capital Investment Required.

Whatever option our clients choose, whether it is purchasing a solar energy system or participating in our SOLARIZE program, they are able to transfer their ever increasing electric expenses into a sound investment that pays dividends for many years to come.

Our Process Is Simple
1. Complete our Evaluation Form
It takes just a few minutes to complete. This will help us prepare an accurate proposal. Your information is private and is safe with us. You can find the link below.

2. Email or fax your most recent energy bill (1 month in S.D. County only)
Energy rates vary depending on location. A copy of your energy bill helps provide us accurate numbers based on your specific energy utility.

3. Pursol will prepare and submit a summary proposal via email, fax, or mail delivery.
We’ll take care of everything! We want to make your solar experience as simple as possible. We provide a number of ways to make solar possible for your family or business. Our detailed proposals not only make it easy to understand how Pursol makes solar affordable, we also share the impact that “going green” has on the environment.

4. Upon your approval, we will arrange a site evaluation and present your final proposal.
Site evaluations are free of charge and depending on the size of the project can take 1 to 2 hours. It’s a great chance to ask any questions you may have about how solar energy works, the installation process, or any other technical or financial questions. We at Pursol invite your family and business to join the Solar Revolution. Take control of your energy future by allowing us the opportunity to provide the most reliable source of power available PURSOL(Pure Sun).

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Residential / Commercial Solar Powered System Installation

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