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Welcome to PCsurf.net

Here you will find some of the best affiliate programs I personally use to make great money on the internet.

I have joined 100's of programs over the years and now I am a little picky about what I join or not.

There is no need to join 100's of programs as I have done in the past!.
You just need to join a few chosen one.

When a program don't make money, or stop making money, I drop it and replace it with a new one.

You may find here a few that make great money with very little effort.

I just decided to share those with you and will add more shortly.

I have a eList you may join and when I find something worth looking at I will send you a note.

I only send one email a month, ("maybe") so you will not be bombarded from me.
Also, you may un-subscribe at anytime.
There is NO pressure what so ever here!

Please, Please, Please... People sending me emails to join and advertise their program(s) READ THIS.
If you send me your program, I will look at it. (If you send it to me more then once, I will block your email, and block you from ever coming to this site again.
There are way to many people that send me stuff and put me on their SPAM list.
I do NOT join anything with porn, or watches, or anything that is not proper or moral.

1 - You need to send me an email at the proper email address at the bottom of this paragraph. (That email changes from time to time)

2 - Enter a subject. NO subject, NO reading
3 - If your subject do not relate to the content of your email and you are just wasting my time, you will be ban. I really don't want you in my mailing list either.


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